Let’s face the facts: receiving gifts is easy, but giving gifts is hard. This is especially true around Christmas, when your gift has to compete with a hundred other people’s presents. And then there’s the friend who has everything – you know the one. Whenever they want something they buy it for themselves, so it’s tough to know what to give them for Christmas. Luckily, there are a few unique gifts left in the world that are sure to stand out from the crowd.





Is your friend passionate about a cause? Or maybe they’re not too keen on gift-giving in general? Never fear, because there are hundreds of different charities that could use some help. Try Heifer International to give hope to people in third-world countries, or Lionfish University to help save Florida’s reefs.

 Thank you


Giving a charitable donation as a gift is a way to make the gift receiver feel special and worthy without any effort on their part. Some charities will offer official “Thank you for donating” cards, but even if they don’t, make your own!



A Consumable


It might not be very exciting, but receiving something you use every day can be a real blessing. People who have everything usually have their favorites picked out, so get them some of their favorite cereal, shaving cream, or body lotion. It shows that you really know them and care about them, and that’s what gift giving is really about.



An iCOOLer Lunchbag


You knew this one was coming! But seriously, if you’re looking for something unique and multi-purpose, the iCOOLer is the way to go. It promotes healthy eating by encouraging you to take your lunch with you rather than eat out, and it’s stylish and durable enough to fit in at the office, at school, or on a hike. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small, family-owned business in the USA, and that’s a gift everyone can get behind.


An iCOOLer Christmas



A Personalized Gift Card


People say gift cards are the best gift if you don’t know what to get, but it really depends on the card. An Amazon or iTunes gift card might seem like a useful thing, but it’s too general! It doesn’t really show that you care.


The key to a good gift card is personalization. Does your friend have a favorite shop? A restaurant they’ve been dying to try? A café they stop at almost every day on their way to work? These are the gift cards that matter! Even if the shop doesn’t have official gift cards, they’ll almost always work something out for you.


I had a friend who loved fancy coffee, but couldn’t afford it very often. Her boyfriend walked into her favorite coffee shop and walked out with five of those “buy ten and get one free” cards, all fully punched. She loved it!



Show them you care


Christmas isn’t about the presents, not really. It’s about showing your friends and family that you’re thinking about them, and what they would really want. Don’t settle for second-best by getting a bland, generic gift. Get something that shows your loved ones that you really care.