When people talk about “healthy eating”, they tend to focus on what’s in the pantry or the fridge, at home. If you don’t keep unhealthy foods in the house, they say, you won’t be tempted to eat them. But they forget that most of our waking hours are spent outside the house, and that’s where the problems lie. Healthy eating can’t just be a home commitment – it has to be a lifestyle.



The Problem with the Pantry


In an ideal world, healthy food would be just as easy to get as unhealthy food, but we don’t live in an ideal world. As soon as we leave the house, we’re bombarded with reminders of all the sugary, fatty snacks we could be buying. Everyone has moments of weakness, and keeping an apple in the fridge isn’t going to help you when you’ve got four hours to go before you get home and there are free donuts just sitting in the break room.


A healthy fridge is the only thing you need… if you never leave the house.



So what’s the solution?


Healthy eating has to go with you, wherever you are. It has to be a lifestyle, a commitment that you live every day. And the first part of that lifestyle is making sure that it’s just as easy to get a healthy snack as it is to get an unhealthy one when you’re out and about. That way, you can say to yourself “Those donuts sure look good, but they’re all the way in the break room! Why don’t I instead eat a fresh, healthy snack, sitting right here on my desk? It’s cool and refreshing, and good for me too!”


Once you explore all the fabulous healthy choices the grocery store has to offer, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in that donut.


The healthiest people snack healthy, and snack often. Going without eating for more than three hours at a increases your cortisone levels. This not only causes your body to switch to starvation mode (where it stores as much fat as possible) but also makes it more likely that you’ll overeat at your next meal.



But wait – there’s more!


You’ve probably guessed that this is a money-saver as well as a healthy habit! Here’s a tip that no-one ever mentions: when you save money by not buying snacks throughout the day, you can afford to get the more expensive healthy foods at the grocery store. Have you been dying to try that gourmet avocado dip, but can’t justify the $5 spend? Now’s your chance!


Yes, it’s true that healthy snacking requires some forward planning, and that takes time. But the rewards – a healthier life, more energy, more money, and a happier you – are definitely worth it.