Lunchtime isn’t just a break from work – it’s an opportunity to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and eat something tasty and nutritious. It’s tempting to stay inside for lunch (after all, the office fridge is right there!) but there are many good reasons to get out and about. And the best part? You can take your lunch with you!



Get up and get moving


Let’s face it: office breakrooms are boring, and sitting at your desk all day isn’t doing your health any favors. Studies show that sitting for more than six hours per day puts pressure on your spine, causing problems from your neck to your knees.


Spending too much time at a desk is bad for your health...


Luckily, standing up once in a while can counteract all that! Why not use your lunch break to take a walk outside? It will burn three times the calories as sitting, it’s a natural mood-booster, and there’s even evidence that spending regular time outside helps to prevent heart disease. What’s not to love?


Doctors recommend that you get at least 30 minutes of “moderate exercise” per day - that’s anything more than your normal walking pace. A brisk walk to your favorite lunch spot should just about cover it!



Take your lunch with you


I know what you’re thinking. Why should I eat my lunch outside? Why can’t I just go on my walk, and then eat lunch at my desk? I’ve got work to do!


Have you ever heard the joke about how airplane food is always terrible? There’s actually some truth to it: the environment you eat in will actually affect your perception of taste. Think about that: you can change how your food tastes just by changing the scenery!


And eating at your desk may sound productive, but it actually prevents your brain from getting the break it needs to function properly. Eating away from your desk will reduce stress, increase productivity, and get the creative juices flowing.


The fresh air and a fresh lunch - perfect!


Of course, the outside world is full of restaurants, and it’s always tempting to take the easy way out. But buying lunch every day is not only expensive, it’s also unhealthy. Having a fresh and delicious pre-packed lunch ready to go is your best defense against take-out. So get out and about, and make your break count!