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Our Story

I invented iCooler products in 2007 because of my passion for eating healthy and providing fresh food for my sons and daughter’s school lunch.

The idea of iCOOLer freezable lunch & beverage bag came to me when I started preparing my daughter’s school lunch. My concern was that there was not even a single lunch box available at that time that would keep my daughter’s lunch fresh and cold. I was concerned that my daughter’s food might not be eatable after 3-5 hours

iCOOLer with its six sides permanent freezable gel packs keep food fresh and beverages cold for much longer, up to (8) hours without the use of ice pack.

iCOOLer products are made from a highly durable and eco-friendly material that has an innovative cooling system, a patented design that has permanent non-toxic, freezable gel-packs built into all six sides of the lining. The iCOOLer line of products is a must for reducing waste and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Just place your iCOOLer in the freezer overnight, and it’s ready to go in the morning.

ICooler products have universal appeal; based of its proven excellent functionality and elegance style, can be used by anyone who is using a lunch box, any individual who is working in an office, from receptionists to executives, moms on the go, students of all grades from elementary schools to colleges and universities , golfers, football players, soccer players, going to their weekly practices and games and carrying snacks and beverages with them to the fields.

In Addition to iCOOLer freezable lunch & Beverage bag, I have invented, patented and developed Beer Bottle iCOOLer which enable everyone who enjoy their beers cold and crisp through the last sip.

Beer Bottle iCOOLer is built with non-toxic cooling gel packs within the lining designed to keep your Beer, and any other beverages colder longer.


To all of you, from all of us at iCooler - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Wali Azamy
Creator & Dreamer